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EVE Pilot

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I believe that the large alliances already have input to CCP via the Devs and GMs who have their alts with them (and there is no substitute for direct experience, so this is a good thing) as do EVE-TV and the other cross-over groups, but the small alliances, stand-alone corps, solo players who mission, manufacture, mine or trade don't always have a place to get their views across. For more than two years I have mostly been that solo player, making isk however I could, making new friends and enjoying life in New Eve.

I offer myself as your candidate.

I ask for your vote so that you may have a voice.
This election is only the first; there will be a new Council elected every six months and maybe future Council elections will let you vote for more than one candidate, have ordered votes, or some other way of doing things. But this time around you get just the one vote per account.

Make it count.