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Outside of the EVE universe I am a single girl living in North London. I work for Wikimedia UK (yup, I'm one of the people who help run Wikipedia) which involves me not only in writing and copyediting lots but also making presentations and appearing at conferences, and for myself as a business consultant and occasional web designer.

In the past I've been responsible for the internet activities of different companies, including for a US-based Fortune #300 multinational, and for a household name on the UK media scene, along with a couple of start-ups.
This means I'm used to seeing through the minutiae to find the 'big picture' while not forgetting that details matter. Other advantages I would bring to the Council include my language skills (I'm English but I also speak French and German and have travelled extensively on business, using them both) and my MBA qualification.

Outside work I've been involved with politics (party politics in the UK, plus women's and gay politics in the past too) and have stood for public office, have worked on the technical side of theatre and radio and am a great cook!

As I determine my own diary I can guarantee to attend the currently planned meetings of the Council.