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EVE Pilot

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CCP's current plans for the Council of Stellar Management encomplass a whole range of ideas and concepts that they are seeking nine pilots to help them with. From game mechanics to financial markets, from friendly social interaction to outright war. EVE online is way more than some 'game' that you grind out the levels of, it is a microcosm of reality set in a another universe where everyone starts out equal and can make of themselves what they choose, without any comeback on them in the 'real' world.

Voting is now open until May 15th; go to for the ballot.

If you have been following my blog/RSS posts or the Q&A on the EVE forums you will see that I have been getting not only lots of support around the EVE universe, from pilots, traders, missioners, miners (and a few pirates!) of all races.

I offer myself as your candidate.

I ask for your vote so that you may have a voice.

Inanna Zuni