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I, like you, have ideas born of experience living as a pilot in EVE. Over the coming weeks I shall add here some of the ideas I would like to see discussed and resolved.
For example:

Recent UI improvements have resulted in unforseen problems (bouncing windows!) - is there enough testing on SiSi and elsewhere before patches are released?

Why is initiating every weapon and support system except launching Drones available as a keyboard shortcut?

Why are the corp hangar functions and audit trails so lacking in the needed information?

Why do we get the same mission offered twice in a row by an agent?

Question from uilliammojo about possible conflict of PvP and PvE

Question from herufeanor about my leaving The Threshold

Is Salvaging theft?

The User interface

A Q&A with 'Caldari Navy Ibis'


Q&A with Yrathi Tai of the EVE Tribune

EVE forum discussion thread on CSM

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