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EVE Pilot

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I was introduced to the wonder that is EVE online on New Year's Eve 2005 when at two of the parties I visited that night different friends showed this universe that is more than just a game and, after recovering the next morning, I signed up. I added a second account during a Power of 2 promotion a few months later.

My main account has spent the last 27 months missioning in high sec and low sec, mining, manufacturing, started a corp (and understands the problems with the current corp interface and missing abilities), joined an alliance becoming one of its leaders, then moved on to a different corp and alliance.

For the record, I am Matari. I first joined Kith Somtaaw then founded Zunicorp which subsequently joined The Threshold. A few months ago I moved to The Causality, part of Electus Matari and have appeared on both sides of their killboard, currently very much in positive territory!

On the skilling front I usually fly Caldari missile boats for missions (I <3 Drakes!) and Matari and Gallente ships for PvP. I'm also qualified to fly Amarr and started to do so recently.

I'm also a mod on the Women Gamers of Eve in-game channel. Yes, we really do exist.