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EVE Pilot

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Hi there. In EVE you will meet me as Inanna Zuni - Minmatar recon pilot, industrialist and missioner, part of The Causality and Electus Matari and member of Women Gamers of Eve. Outside I'm Alison, but as I am 'in the black' for anything up to ten hours a day (and even more when there is an alliance call to arms!) I'll happily answer to Inanna ;-P

I am a role-playing gamer geek girl; I like to immerse myself in this universe we find ourselves in both as an escape from a sometime dull reality (I'm not a lover of Winter, for example!) but also as EVE is a fascinating mixture of opportunities for each pilot to do their own thing yet be a part of the whole.

If you go to a job interview you might get asked "Where do you see yourself in five years time?" and I want to see that foresight applied to EVE too. I mostly 'live' in Heimatar, Molden Heath and Metropolis, mainly in low-sec. I like it there but I might also try 0.0 again one day. In the over two years I've been here we've seen massive UI and performance improvements, but maybe missioners, miners, industrialist and residents of high and low security space need a bit of love too, to sort out some of the issues that directly affect them.

I am offering myself as the respresentative of all pilots in eve, whereever they live, whoever they are.