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Last week I took the very sad decision that after six years in-game (and also being an elected member of the first CSM) it was time for me to stop even _trying_ to play EVE. Why? Because the recent introduction of a mandatory launcher has meant that individual patches are no longer downloadable, making my linux machines unusable for EVE.

Now when I tweeted about this I had a number of people questioning why I was complaining as "there is no linux support"/"no official linux client"/etc. to which my comment that CCP _used_ to recognise that some of the people paying their dues used linux and were happy to do so, playing the game under Wine even though it required jumping through some hoops, plus there is this _officially supplied_ forum on linux. But those points fell on deaf ears as the "go buy M$ or an Apple" crowd piled in.
I agree that a 'native' client in the way the old linux one was (ie wrapped) isn't really wanted. But the change from the past ability to 'install' EVE under Wine was appreciated by many - though CCP have no idea _how_ many because we linux users appear to be windows muppets - but this launcher change effectively puts an end to that for many (if not all) linux users.

I'd really like to think I'll be back in pod one day (hell, on one character I've got 1.9m spare SP waiting for the coming Station skills!) but as of now that is looking unlikely.

ps. *NO*, you can't have my stuff!